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and a warm welcome to our virtual airline.

We wish all visitors enjoy reading and browsing, our pilots great flight with others and always successful landings.


We are a virtual airline with its locations in Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover.
Our goal is to increase the virtual air traffic in the north.
There is no entrance exam for new pilots, only requirement is a valid account with IVAO or VATSIM and at least 15 hours of online-flights.
Offline-pilots and pilots from other networks, we do not take on.
From our pilot we do not ask impossible things, only one flight a month we see as a commitment to. Whether these flights are adhered to, can be seen in the pilot list.
Detailed information on our rules can be found here.

We as Hamburg Air identify ourselves with our home city and are proud to bear the name in the virtual world.

Have fun and always three green
the Hamburg Air Crew


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